Selecting a logistics service provider based on COST alone is a recipe for potential disaster.

Getting it wrong can be detrimental to your business in terms of both cost and time - especially if you need to exit the relationship as a result.

One of the most effective ways to ensure that you are making the right decision is to develop an evaluation matrix that can be used to subjectively compare each potential service provider.

The evaluation matrix uses a series of questions to calculate a relative score based on both COST and other evaluation criteria such as RELIABILITY, RESPONSIVENESS, RELATIONSHIPS and GUT FEEL to determine which logistics service provider is not only the most COST effective but more importantly the most suitable for your business.

This evaluation matrix is an Excel spreadsheet that has been developed over the 20 plus years that I have been managing logistics service providers.

The methodology and the tool have evolved as a result of it being used to evaluate and select countless logistics service providers that have delivered many millions of dollars of international freight forwarding, 3rd party logistics and domestic transportation services throughout the Asia Pacific region, North America and Europe.

The spreadsheet is delivered unlocked and comes with the following features:

  • An instructions tab that provides clear and concise guidelines on how to use the tool

  • The main tab is where the weightings are applied , the questions are selected and the scores are assigned

    • In the summary section you can add the name of each candidate (up to 3 can candidates cane be evaluated) and assign the importance of each of the evaluation criteria
    • For each of the evaluation criteria you can select from a set of predetermined questions or you can also add your own questions in the Evaluation Questions tab and select from them
    • For each set of questions you can assign the relative importance of each question to selection criteria
    • After setting up the weighting and selecting the questions you are now ready to assign a rating to each candidate - once the ratings have been entered the tool will automatically calculate both the raw score and the weighted score - the weighted score takes into account the predefined importance of each the criteria and selected questions
    • And if you really want to - you can disregard the 4 R's and 1 G and define your own evaluation criteria

  • An evaluation questions tab that stores a list of questions for each of the evaluation criteria

    • There are over 30 predefined questions relevant to all logistics services
    • Additional user defined questions can can be entered and used in the evaluation

In addition you will receive 30 days free email support - just email me at for any assistance or to report any bugs that you might find

And finally if you are not satisfied with the product I will refund your money but you can still keep and continue to use the spreadsheet