Weekly Logistics List | 5 Logistics Blogs to Read

I can’t say the Weekly Logistics List concept is a unique idea – it is one I have borrowed from one of my favorite bloggers Tim Ferriss of the Four Hour Work Week fame.

Each Friday Tim Ferriss sends out his “5-Bullet Friday” newsletter which is a weekly dose of what he has been enjoying or pondering during the week.

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So each week I will send out my very own version of Tim’s newsletter in the form of a “Weekly Logistics List” email which will provide a list of 5 things that I think will add some value to your week.

The inaugural “Weekly Logistics List” is a list of the top 5 logistics blogs I find interesting and informative – in no particular order:

  1. Talking Logistics

Talking Logistics is one of the few specialist logistics blogs embracing  multi-media for content. Great written content, videos, podcasts and even online courses.


2. Cerasis

Whilst Cerasis are a transportation management solutions company their blog provides some of the best logistics content out there without being obviously sales and marketing focused. Regular posts are made quite often.


3. Loadstar

The Loadstar evolved from an airfreight blog and is now a multi modal online news resource for the logistics industry. Provides up to date news on the global 3PL market place with a daily newsletter update and has recently started producing podcasts to add to already impressive array of content.


4. Supply Chain 24/7

Supply Chain 24/7 is an online business resource for Transportation, Distribution, Logistics and Supply Chain professionals. Good content, daily newsletter updates and online community.


5. Logistics Viewpoints

The mission of Logistics Viewpoints is to provide logistics professionals with clear and concise analyses of logistics trends, technologies, and services. Good regular content provided by a number of specialist guest commentators.


The “Weekly Logistics List ” is a weekly email especially curated for logistics and supply chain managers and provides tips, tools and techniques for managing 3rd party logistics service providers.

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