Will UberCARGO disrupt the 3PL industry like it has the taxi industry?

We have all heard about the Uber phenomenon that is currently disrupting the taxi industry around the world by providing a low cost and more technologically savvy option to the traditional taxi network.

On the 7th of January, the Uber Blog announced that UberCARGO had been launched in Hong Kong.

UberCARGO is described as:

“The same cashless and convenient service that users have grown to love through UberBLACK and UberTAXI and is now available for all your moving and delivery needs. Whether you’re going cycling , moving a mattress to a new house, riding with a large pet, or sending items to a friend, UberCARGO is for you. If you own a business, UberCARGO provides an easy way to cover on-demand logistical needs without complicated & costly delivery arrangements.”

For full details see the blog entry at http://blog.uber.com/UberCARGO

The question is how will this service impact on the existing courier / transportation network within Hong Kong and potentially the world over if the trial is successful?

Only time will tell but if the taxi industry can be used an indicator then along with plenty of upside for the casual consumer there is also significant potential for businesses to gain access to a greater pool of resources at a lower cost.

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