Shipping Terms

Abbreviation Term
20FCL Twenty Foot Long Standard Shipping Container
40FCL Forty Foot Long Standard Shipping Container
40HC Forty Foot High Cube Shipping Container
ACS Australian Customs Service
APSC Australian Port Service Charges
AQIS Australian Quarantine Inspection Service
AWB Airway Bill of Lading
BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor
BL Bill of Lading
BSRA Basic Service Rate Additional
CAF Currency Adjustment Factor
CBM Cubic Metre
CF Collection Fee
CFR Cost and Freight (INCO Term)
CFS Container Freight Station
CIF Cost, Insurance and Freight (INCO Term)
CU FT Cubic Feet
CY Container Yard
DDP Delivery Duty Paid (INCO Term)
DO Delivery Order
ECN Export Clearance Number
ERA Export Receival Advice
EXW Ex Works (INCO Term)
FAK Freight of All Kinds
FCL Full Container Load
FEU Forty Foot Equivalent Unit
FIS Free Into Store (INCO Term)
FOB Free On Board (INCO Term)
HAWB House Airway Bill of Lading
HBL House Bill of Lading
IDF International Documentation Fee
ITF International Terminal Fee
LC Letter of Credit
LCL Less than Container Load
LOLO Lift On Lift Off
M3 Cubic Metre
MAWB Master Airway Bill of Lading
MBL Master Bill of Lading
OBL Ocean Bill of Lading
RORO Roll On Roll Off
SCA Sea Cargo Automation
SLI Shippers Letter of Instruction
TEU Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit
THC Terminal Handling Charge

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