Weekly Logistics List | 5 to Follow on Twitter


This week we provide a list of 5, actually 6 including a special mention , Twitter accounts to follow.

  1. Logistics News @logisticsnews 40.4 K followers
  2. Inbound Logistics @lLmagazine 38.K followers
  3. Logistics Management @logisticsmgmt 34.9 K followers
  4. Logistics Manager @logisticsmanagr 31K followers
  5. Logistics Matter @LogisticsMatter 16.6 K followers

Twitter is a great was of keeping you up to date with what is going on in the logistics and supply chain industry.

It can also be a bit overwhelming at times – according to Keyhole – an online hashtag and keyword tracking  solution the hashtag #logistics had been used in 500 Twitter posts in the below 24 hour period

Following the Twitter accounts listed below should not only help you stay on top of whats happening  but will also provide links to some thought-provoking articles and commentary on interesting logistics and supply chain topics.


Logistics News @logisticsnews 40.4 K followers

Logistics News is an independent news source for anything to do with transport, shipping, trucking or logistics. It aggregates and presents links to logistics news from websites around the world. Updated multiple times daily and with over 50 K tweets since April 2009 it has been very active!


Inbound Logistics @lLmagazine 38.K followers

Inbound Logistics primarily provides links back to informative supply chain and logistics management articles on its website. The content on the website has been curated from over the 30 years of articles accumulated since the the first edition of the Inbound Logistics Magazine was published in 1981. Multiple tweets daily and has tweeted over 47 K times since coming on line in March 2009.


Logistics Management @logisticsmgmt 34.9 K followers

Logistics Management’s tweets also usually provide links back to articles and posts on its website. Again the high quality content has been developed for use in the monthly publication of the Logistics Management Magazine which first hit the newsstands in 1962. Not quite as active as the other two sites but with a large following and at least one tweet on most days.


Logistics Manager @logisticsmanagr 31K followers

Logistics Manager is another magazine based Twitter feed with an emphasis on news and views from the UK but also covering what’s happening on a a global basis. Active daily with 10.7 K tweets since joining Twitter in August 2009.


Logistics Matter @LogisticsMatter 16.6 K followers

According to its website Logistics Matter is one of the world’s largest  independent logistics blogs. Its founder Martijn Graat tweets about supply chain and logistics trends whilst also aggregating and sharing key news articles about the logistics and supply chain industries.


And the special mention goes to

Jim Tompkins @jimtompkins 9.5 K followers

Although not as many followers as some of the above “tweeters” Jim Tompkins,  the founder of Tompkins Inc, tweets are usually  linked to some insightful content on their website (or others sites). Many great articles on 3rd party logistics (3PL) management.


And of course you can should be following  3plmanager at @3plmanager


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*** Number of followers @ January 29th 2017

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